Allow myself to introduce…myself…

Well, the woman has a remarkable command of profanity.” -Castiel

I’m Krystin. Elder Millenial, “writer”, wife, stoner, homebody, story-lover and unbothered bitch.

I write chaotic book “reviews” without any bullshit for everything dark, twisty and murdery. I do the best editing of my reviews weeks after posting them and I have no problem handing out 1 & 2-star ratings like they’re Halloween candy.

Don’t @ me about it. All of this is fucking subjective, so save the drama for your mama.

I’m into my husband, our pets, falling asleep while reading, ghost hunter shows, horror movies and everything spooky, wowing you with a new legging/hoodie combo every day, iced coffee, doing introverted night owl shit, being late for work, endlessly rewatching Friends, Bob’s Burgers and Criminal Minds, astrology, pasta, weed and buying books like I’m immortal.

Let’s be book friends!

Notice: A strict “No Assholes or Douchebags” policy is in effect around these parts.