“My heart is pure. I’m just stoned.”

Illana Glazer, Broad City

Hailing from the snowy tundra/hotter-than-hell wasteland that is Southern Ontario, I am Krystin and reading is a past time that doubles as self-care. As does leaving people on “read.”

I have always loved a good mystery and can date back that obsession to my first experience with Nancy Drew – a gift my favourite aunt shared with me during those formative years just out of kindergarten.

I still remember that old yellow paper book being placed in my hands. “The things Aunty reads are a bit too grown up for you, but maybe you’ll like this.”

That moment changed my life. I mean, it made me interested in mystery which then snowballed into an interest in murder….so is that good or bad? Should my parents be upset with my aunt? Who’s to say? I’m just a girl, standing in front of her librarian, asking her not to judge me just because I’m checking out all these books about murder. Also, I’m in my 30s now! I can read what I want! *slams bedroom door*

I’m a wife and full-time stepmother, with two furbabies at home, a pretty interesting job and endless responsibilities that life has thrown my way because I guess I’m an “adult” now – pshh, whatever – so reading is my escape. That, and a little bit of weed *wink*.

My interest in all things dark and macabre has done nothing but mature, if such an interest can become more refined with age. My fascination with death, occultism and cults, horror and murder is coupled with a love of anything intense, deep secrets and hunting for truth, and an interest in psychology, criminology and sociology.

My greatest skills are memorizing the layout of a remote so I can push buttons without looking and silently walking away from uninteresting conversations. My pastimes include eating and then complaining that I’m getting fat, watching too many true crime docs, and seeming intimidating even though I’m actually really sensitive. I’m still holding onto my emo phase and have a perfect resting bitch face. James Patterson is my arch nemesis, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Let’s be friends.