Allow myself to introduce…myself…

I’m Krystin and I run this little blog. Canadian, wifey, stoner, and writer, my pets are as close to having children as I ever want to get. Reading is a pastime that doubles as self-care, as does being five minutes late for work every day even though I’m fully in that #WorkFromHomeLife

I’m into falling asleep while reading, watching ghost hunter shows, pineapples, being right, wowing you with a new leggings & hoodie combo every day, iced coffee, winged eyeliner, horror movies and spooky shit, gardening and greenhouses, getting high and watching Scooby-Doo, doing introverted night owl shit, thunderstorms, candles, John Mayer, Friends reruns, comfy clothes and murder shows, astrology, book store dates, summer nights and backyard fires, and being a writer the way a potato is a battery.

My whole vibe can best be described as “don’t tell me what to do” meets “I just cleaned so don’t fucking touch anything” mixed with “that’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard” and “I just want to go home and watch my shows.”

On this blog, you will find GIF and curse-word-filled reviews that are written with love and good intention, and occasionally, a ranting rage that knows no bounds. I do the best editing of my reviews literally weeks after posting them and I have no problem handing out 1 & 2-star ratings like they’re Halloween candy MUAHAHAhaksdgh *coughing, choking* Don’t @ me about it. This shit is all ✨subjective.✨

My greatest skills are making my husband laugh, being late, decorating for Halloween and forgetting to respond to read texts. My pastimes include scrolling Instagram instead of reading, smoking weed, memorizing the layout of a remote so I can push buttons without looking, reading all the comments in a social media argument I’m not involved in and buying books like I’m immortal.

#ReviewsAreForReaders #NegativeReviewsAreGoodReviews

Let’s be book friends.