The Book Bitch™

“I feel like I can’t complain, but I love to.”

Michelle Buteau

I’m Krystin and I run this little blog. Reading is a past time that doubles as self-care. As does being five minutes late for work almost every day.

I have always loved a good mystery and can date back that obsession to my first experience with Nancy Drew – a gift a favourite aunt shared with me during those formative years just out of kindergarten when my brain was a mushy sponge. Not that it’s much better in my 30s.

I still remember that old yellow paper book being placed in my hands. “The things Aunty reads are a bit too grown up for you, but maybe you’ll like this.”

That moment changed my life. I mean, it made me interested in mystery which then snowballed into an interest in murder… so is that good or bad? Should my parents be upset with my aunt? Who’s to say? I’m just a girl, standing in front of her librarian, asking her not to judge me because I’m checking out all these books about murder.

On this blog you will find GIF and curse-word filled reviews that are written with love and good intention, and occasionally, an untethered ranting rage that knows no bounds. I have a low-tolerance for bullshit and have no problem handing out 1 & 2-star ratings like they’re Halloween candy MUAHAHAhaksdgh *coughing, choking* 

Don’t @ me about it.

I’m all for civilized conversation, but I have zero fucks to give for name-calling, dickhole comments or trolling. If you dare to give me shit about my opinions, you do not exist to me anymore. I don’t fucking care. Go read books you like and write your own reviews. We don’t all like the same stuff and that’s okay! ART IS SUBJECTIVE. That’s the whole point. I know it’s easy to forget that in the midst of outrage culture, but I have zero time to entertain anyone who takes personal opinions on subjective things as personal indictments. Please get off the internet and get some perspective. This isn’t all that serious.

Wifey. Mom(ish). Homebody. Stoner. I have two fur-babies at home who basically control my life. My dog is my soulmate, but my cat doesn’t give a shit as long as she has food, let’s be honest. Other endless responsibilities that come with marriage, stepkids and adulting life take up a most of my time. Reading and horror movies are my escape. And weed. Your girls loves to get high.

My interest in all things dark, twisted and macabre has done nothing but mature, if such an interest can become more refined with age. My fascination with death, cults (also, death-cults,) horror and murder is coupled with a love of deep secrets, truth hunting and any intense vibe that gives me feels. Psychology, criminology and sociology – inject it into my veins! This heavily influences my reading choices, but every once in a while I will post a review for something outside that spectrum. Not often, but sometimes.

I’m not pretending to be a “well-rounded” reader. I am who I am.

My greatest skills are memorizing the layout of a remote so I can push buttons without looking, and leaving people on “read.” My pastimes include drinking iced coffee at 9pm so I can’t sleep, eating and then complaining that I’m getting fat, emotional online shopping and allowing politics to affect my mental health. My life motto is “be kind, but take no shit.”

I’m just trying to listen and react to the world as honestly as I possible can, maintain an optimistic-realist outlook while placing a salt circle around my entire life and burying myself in the defeatist comfort of nihilism.

Let’s be book friends.