Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day!

It’s officially the day of love, my sweet nerdy bookworms!

I hope you have someone to spend the day with, whether that’s a partner or a friend or the pet that you love more than anything. This day doesn’t need to be only for romance, people! Celebrate whatever love you have in your life.

I’m a firm believer that if everyone had a love in their lives that made them truly happy, they wouldn’t be so concerned with what other people do in their private lives.

It’s only the miserable, loveless, secretly-in-the-closet assholes who want to put limits on other people’s lives.

Stop being assholes, and feel the love!!

Tonight, I have dinner reservations with my hubby. Then we’ll be seeing the new Taylor Schilling movie, The Prodigy. And then who knows…

zooey deschanel love GIF

(We’ll probably get into bed and snuggle the dog.)

To be honest, I’m the most excited about all of the food I’m going to eat. This will be my first time cheating on my diet in six weeks! You can’t even imagine the number of calories I’m about to consume.

What are your plans? Do you care about this holiday at all? If you don’t, do you practice the art of not being an asshole about it? Namaste.

With that said, I want to spread the love to all you beautiful people in my own way even if you don’t care. So here’s a few Valentine’s from me, to you.

Spread the love, nerdos!

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Booknerd Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

giphy (1)

Hey, friends and lovers! Are you excited for Valentine’s Day? Have big plans with the one you love?

Or are there a million other things you care about besides this and it’s a pretty pointless, over-commercialized Hallmark holiday? I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’m married, so it’s not like I have anything romantic going on.

LOL @ sexless marriages.


*clears throat*

Husband and I never put too much pressure on ourselves for these kinds of things. We like to keep it casual and focus on spending time together. Not buying stuff or being uncomfortable at fancy dinner or being disingenuous with candlelit sexy times. Plain old sexy times are good enough for this girl.

Seriously though, we don’t even buy each other anniversary gifts, opting instead to spend our money on a thing we do together. Last year we spent a weekend in Toronto at the Just for Laughs comedy festival. This year it’s our 5-year-anniversary, a milestone, so we’re planning a vacation – somewhere warm. It’s a toss-up between seeing the sights around Hawaii or going to Universal Studios. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, here I come, maybe!

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