True Crime Tuesday: The Watcher

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This is literally one of my favourite true crime stories ever. And it’s not even a very robust one. There’s no blood or guts or dead bodies or serial killers or a murder or a known villain. But, it is seriously twisted and bizarre. It’s the creepiest shit out there right now and I love it.

Since it all started it has become somewhat of an Urban Legend and landed the location on Thrillist’s list of creepiest urban legends in every state. But is it an urban legend? A media hoax? A way to drive down real estate prices? Or some very real, very creepy shit? Honestly, no one knows. But as you’ll read, it has real-world implications for two families.

At this point in our earth’s history, are you even really living if you aren’t on the verge of a full-on panic attack? So, let me and the Watcher help you live your best life by scaring the shit out of you.

Okay, here we go…

will ferrell panic GIF
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