My Favourite Online Bookstore!

Y’all are either going to love me or hate me after this. I’m good with either one really because at least I’ll know you’re getting bomb-ass deals on books. 

My story starts here: I re-did my basement and installed my brand new bookshelves. I finally got to pull out all my boxes of books that I’d had stored away since we moved into our new house two years ago. 

yas omg GIF by O&O, Inc
Me to my books. 

But, as I was looking at my beautiful new shelves and looking at all my old books, I realized I wanted to put only my most favourite, beautiful books on the shelves. I wanted to donate anything I’d already read and didn’t fall in love with. I wanted to get rid of the things I knew I’d never read because my TBR had grown so much in the last couple of years. 

So here was my problem: in the end, what I was left with was four boxes donated to a thrift store and only enough books left to fill up 1 ½ of my four new shelves. It was so much empty space, I found it a little depressing.

My quest to start filling my shelves with beautiful hardcovers and large paperbacks of my favourite things began. But to buy all the books I wanted from a traditional bookstore when there isn’t a huge sale going on would be astronomically expensive. And waiting for sales would mean a very slow process and I am a very impatient person. 

I mean, I try to practice patience, but it doesn’t come naturally.

impatient rose mcgowan GIF

So, kick me in the crotch and spit on my neck if someone on #Bookstagram didn’t come to my goddamn rescue. I don’t remember who’s story it was that I saw, but sometimes I wish I did so I could thank them with flowers or sexual favours.

Get ready to have your mind’s blown:

Oh. My. God. 

Free shipping over $45 (or $35 US.) There are two kinds of books: Bargain or Scratch & Dent. I haven’t paid more than $10 for a hardcover, or more than $7 for a paperback from the bargain options. Scratch & Dent are even cheaper. Sign up for the newsletter and get promo codes to take an extra 15 to 30% off your overall order.

And guess fucking what? The Black Friday Sale starts TOMORROW. 

It’s going to be huge. I was lucky enough to get a day-before promo code so I did my Black Friday sale shopping today. I ordered 12 books. My cart was at $90. After the Black Friday promo, I paid only $60. These kinds of deals are like heroin, I swear to Thor. 

So, here’s my gift to you. Click on the links in this post for Book Outlet and you’ll be directed to my Refer-a-Friend coupon code. You’ll get $10 off your first order of $25 or more. And with the Black Friday sale that translates to so many books that you’ll be near climax when you check out.

Look, I am in no way paid or working with Book Outlet. I’m seriously just doing this because I love all my fellow booknerds and not nearly enough people know about this site. I feel like Norma Rae. 

Union! Union! No more $40 hardcovers! 

Get your shopping on, babies!

Until next time, Booknerds…

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Online Bookstore!

  1. Honestly BookOutlet is my favorite website in the world and it has enabled my book buying habit but also not destroyed my bank account. Win/win! I got 16 books from their black Friday sale and then had to put a website blocker on chrome so I would stop looking at the books they added.

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    1. I got 12. And then my basement flooded as punishment from the universe for breaking my book buying ban, I’m like pretty sure. LOL. Book Outlet has their base store where my mom lives, so every year we go to their book box sale – one box is $30 and you can fill it up with as much as you can managed. It’s heaven!

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        1. Two of the four shelves need to be replaced, but they had my husbands books on them, not mine LOL. The books seemed to be sheltered though, so we’re all good there. It’s mostly just the ceiling, floor and drywall that took the brunt of the damage. I had a big shag area rug that soaked up the water like a sponge and kept it away from my most of my furniture.


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