Music Monday: Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name

Monday, you whore!

Warning: This is not a bookish post. 

So, I know I usually try to do a Music Monday that is inspired by whatever book I’m currently reading (Pretty Ugly Lies and The Breakdown, btw,) but with the U.S. Midterms looming tomorrow, I can’t seem to focus on anything else but that. I’m serious. It’s an addiction. I’ll need to be sedated tomorrow.

I am literally at work right now with all-day news coming through my earbuds. My husband complained over the weekend that all I ever had on was the news so he wasn’t going to be hanging out with me until the midterms were over.


You might ask yourself, why, as a Canadian don’t I mind my fucking business and focus on my own country? Good question, rude way of asking it though. But, I’ll tell you.

First, I am married to an American. I have American stepkids and in-laws. And though my little family immigrated to Canada and now live under the soft curls of Trudeau’s perfect hair and Sunny Ways with me, they are still American and they still care deeply about their home country (my husband mailed in his absentee ballot last month, voting a straight blue ticket in his NY county that is usually red.) By default, this means I care too. It’s my husband’s country! Helllooooo.

Secondly, this may come as a shock to you all (but it shouldn’t), what happens in the U.S. tends to impact Canada in many ways, economically and even socially.

For example, Trump-style politics have started to surge in Canada. In June, the province of Ontario (where I live) elected someone who is known as Trump-Lite to most left-leaning voters. Doug Ford (yes, Rob Ford’s brother) ran on an “Ontario First” kind of platform, which included hits against immigrants, friendly connections with racists and a more populist message that it was very much us against them; Ontario vs. Trudeau’s Federal government.

And it worked, to my great dismay. As this was going on, there was a steady uptick in videos popping up online catching Canadians being racist in public to immigrants, or even just Canadians who happened to be brown.

Moreover, we have a federal election coming up next year and the Right is gunning for Trudeau (though I would strongly argue that he’s a Centrist, not a Leftist, and the Right should calm the fuck down about why they hate him so much – he’s too handsome???)

season 1 showtime GIF by Our Cartoon President

Only days before the #MAGABomber sent pipe bombs to all of Trump’s perceived enemies, the right-wing party of Canada (known as the Progressive Conservative Party – a complete oxymoron of a name,) and the closest to Trudeau in the current polls, started playing around with the idea of framing the media as “the enemy of the people” with small sound bites and statements. Nothing overt, but a clear testing of the waters.

After the pipe bombs, the party walked back what they were clearly starting to do. Will it come up again closer to the election? Perhaps. But for now, they are smart enough to shut the fuck up with that demonstrably dangerous political ploy.

On a more legislative note, things like tariffs and NAFTA, pot legalization affecting Canadian travel over the border and the Canadian dollar, are all affected by US policy.

Personally, things like women’s issues, are to me, principles that are beyond borders. As a woman who believes in the right to bodily autonomy and choice, I’m not only concerned with that right as it pertains to women in my own country. I care about it for all women. It’s an international issue. First world countries need to be leading the way in a progressive, educated, fact-based way. Not trying to roll back the clock to times when wire hangers and a lack of sex education were a thing.

And my last point would be that US politics are just a generally interesting thing for other countries to be watching right now. Literally. The whole world can’t turn away. It’s like watching a car accident. I’m always thinking, is anyone going to get out alive?

That is directly tied to Trump, for better or for worse. To most of the world, Trump is a flaming dumpster fire. A complete embarrassment. The US standing on the world stage has tumbled drastically, whether you care or not. The UN literally laughed at him. His treatment of leaders like Putin and Kim Jung Un is baffling. While his potshots and strongarming of allies like the UK and Canada is a disturbing strategy, if you can call it that.


I find it endlessly fascinating that Trump supporters look at these issues, flip the middle finger and scream, “YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS WE’RE WINNING SO HARD!”

barack obama wtf GIF

So no, this is not a bookish post. But it’s still important.

This is a personal plea to any readers who are American and still haven’t voted. From a concerned neighbour, I beg you. Vote Blue.

Even if you’re a Republican. Stay Republican, but vote blue. Put a check on that narcissistic, racist wrecking ball you have in the White House, and when the Republican party primaries again, vote for someone who is an actual intellectual, with working human emotions who can raise the standing of your party so that telling someone you’re a Republican doesn’t immediately paint you as a racist, homophobic bigot.

And for anyone who wants to comment and say that I’m listening to too much “fake news” or that I’ve been brainwashed by liberal biased media – I’ll remind you again that I am Canadian. We have our own news channels. That’s actually a thing. I know it’s shocking. But, things don’t work here the way they do down there, for the most part.

And again I’ll remind you, that countries all over the world think y’all are losing your damn minds. And they have their own news too. So, if you’re coming here to try and convince me that all news outlets, all over the world, have somehow ganged up to spread “fake news” about your stupid president – except for Fox News – go fuck yourself and your tinfoil hat. That is literally so dumb.

Food for thought: the main tenant of a cult is telling you that everyone else is lying except for the person you’re supposed to be following. So, like you’re totally in MAGA Cult and Trump is your David Miscavige. Real Talk.

leah remini scientology GIF

To wrap up my political plea, and to get you pumped up to vote Blue tomorrow, here’s some Rage Against the Machine. A band that is arguably the most influential and important protest band of my lifetime, if not everyone’s lifetime. Fight me.

Killing In The Name is one of my favourites. It is a venomous gut-punch about endemic racism in the US, especially when it comes to the police. The song was written after the 1991 beating of Rodney King by LA police. 30 years later, it’s still relevant. What a shame.

PS. For the love of whatever god you believe in, if you live in Texas, vote for Beto! Please don’t make me look at that blobfish, Ted Cruz anymore. I’m so very deeply sorry he came from Canada.

Until next time, Booknerds…

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