#Blogoween: What Spoopy Creature Are You?

Trick or Treat, bitches!

Tomorrow is Halloween! And that means #Blogoween is officially over *whomp whomp*

While I mourn one, I’m excited about the other. Specifically, I’m excited to hand out some candy so that there’s less of it in my house. Because I’ll be honest, we bought three 120 piece boxes from Costco and a lot of it is gone. I just want to come clean about that. Between myself, my husband, and our one kid still at home, we did a number on that goddamn candy.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt candy GIF

It’s shameful and embarrassing and I had to buy another 100 pieces to make sure I don’t run out tomorrow. At least it was on sale??? #shame

Tonight, we’re going to see the new Halloween (have you seen it? did you love it?) because it’s a top 5 favourite movie series of mine. And then tomorrow we’ll watch whatever scary movies are streaming and hand out candy to all the cute little kids and the questionably-aged teenagers. Seriously, let teenagers trick-or-treat. Being an adult is hard enough and hits too soon.

But today, I’m doing Bookwyrming Thought’s quiz to find out which spoopy creature is actually my true inner animal when the moon rises.

I’m inclined to think it’s a something like an anti-social witch or a smart-ass demon, but we’ll see.

spoopy creature

🎃1. Would you rather be in:

  • a. A cemetery surrounded by nothing else but tombstones.
  • b. The forest in the dark of night.
  • c. The bathroom mirror, the fireplace – you prefer being in any one place.
  • d. The abandoned basement of an old house.

Why? Because this definitely seems like the easiest way to get people to leave me the fuck alone. And we all know life’s main rules: you get a job, you buy your own shit and you stay out of the forest.

🎃2. Your favourite monstrous food consists of:

  • a. Brains… or blood for that matter. You’ll resort to cannibalism if you have to.
  • b. Souls, because the thought of eating brains or blood isn’t enough to fulfill you.
  • c. You don’t want blood, brains or souls – you prefer feeding on the fears of your victims.
  • d. Nothing at all… who has time to eat when you’ve got spying to do!

Reason number one, I love observing and not having to engage. And number two, hello weight loss!

🎃3. Are you scary when you’re angry?

  • a. Only when I show my teeth or claws and move closer to my victim.
  • b. What, my shadow doesn’t look scary yet?
  • c. Angry revenge is best served quiet.
  • d. Anger? What anger?

I have a sadistic, terrifying anger that is simmering and calculating and evil. Ask my husband, he’s been legitimately terrified of me before. He probably still is. I think it’s a Scorpio thing.

🎃4. You’re invited to a party. The first place you make a beeline to is:

  • a. Straight out the door and into the dark.
  • b. The wall, where you can observe the actions of the people around you.
  • c. Where everyone gathers, so you can gather information about them by socializing.
  • d. The most isolated place you can find – you don’t want to seem rude by leaving, but you don’t want to socialize unless you have to.

This is where I always have been and will always continue to be at any social gathering until the end of time.

🎃5. You have been given four places to sleep in. Where do you choose to spend the night?

  • a. A coffin.
  • b. In the trees.
  • c. The most comfortable place you can find.
  • d. Anywhere.

Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable?

🎃6. Someone came in and took your favourite book! What do you do?

  • a. Sneak in and get it back.
  • b. Demand the return of the book or you’ll make them feel sorry for taking it in the first place.
  • c. Plot their death behind their backs quietly.
  • d. Do nothing – you can always get another copy of the book if you don’t already have multiple ones.

I feel like threatening someone would be fun and I don’t have enough opportunities to do that in real life.

🎃7. You’re going on a trip around the world! Who do you take?

  • a. Your family, because they are close and important to you.
  • b. No one – you want to go about this journey alone.
  • c. Your enemies, so you can pick them off one by one
  • d. Everyone you can afford to bring with you.

Like, not my whole family. Maybe just my husband. He’s who I want to share everything with.

🎃8. In a group, you are most like:

  • a. The Action Taker.
  • b. The Observer.
  • c. The Plotter.
  • d. The Diplomat.

Really this could be between b or a in any given situation, but the majority of the time is probably b.

My Results:

If you choose mainly Bs, you are a soul eater

You enjoy being alone most of the time and left alone to your own devices. Your mere presence intimidates those around you; they steer clear away from you, but you’re okay with that! The fewer the number of people getting close to you, the better off they, and you, will be. You might seem emotionless to some, but you are full of thought and emotion – you don’t show it often.

This is wildly accurate for being a made-up blog quiz.

suspicious true detective GIF


If you’re doing the quiz too, be sure to check out Bookwyrming’s original post to get your results!

Stay safe. Be Kind. But, take no shit.

Later, Booknerds! Happy Halloween and I’ll see you on the other side! 🔪

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