Music Monday: Foo Fighters – Best of You

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I’ve opened up on here a little bit before about my previous relationship – the one before I met my husband. Bottom line: it was toxic and abusive. I don’t want to get into the details, but I do want to talk about my TBT post last week.

If you read it, you know I was seeing the Foo Fighters that night in Toronto. It meant a lot more to me than I could explain to be going to this concert. It was a total bucket list item for me. Here’s one big reason why:

In 2012, when I was working up the courage to leave that bad relationship, I listened to The Best of You by the Foo Fighters pretty endlessly. When I was finally out of that bad relationship, I listened to The Best of You more still, to keep me from giving in (“no one else will ever want you“) and going back, like I had multiple times before.

It became my anthem.

I was a fan of the Foo Fighters prior to this, had liked them since I first heard Big Me on MuchMusic in 1996 at eleven years old. As I got older, their music became a staple in my car, during long shifts at work, during college when I studied for exams. But for this period in my life in 2012, when everything felt like it was falling apart and coming together at the very same time, their music took on new meaning to me.

It wasn’t just good rock anymore, it was something more powerful.

Dave Grohl’s voice and lyrics became my drive and my strength. His life, his struggles and tragedy, became my inspiration. If he can get through what he did, and turn it into a legendary bedrock career, while staying humble and kind, surely I can get through my own dark moments and come out stronger in the end.

I’ve never done a music Monday before, mostly because it has dick-all to do with books, but I wanted to share a little bit of my experience on Thursday, of finally seeing the Foo live.

I didn’t have the best seats, but I don’t really care. I was there. In the same room. Feeling that energy. And doing it all with my husband.

It felt full circle.

I did get through my shit. And I came out the other side stronger and happier and feeling grateful.

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters had a little something to do with that. In particular, this song.

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Rogers Centre. July 12, 2018

Best night ever.

Until next time, Booknerds…

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