Book Nook Sunday: 05.27.18

Happy Sunday, nerdos!

This is Booknook Sunday – my one day to talk about home design as it relates to books and my own life.

I’ve had a long past couple of weekends with some reno projects, so I haven’t been able to post book nook decor as much as I intended to, but the good news is, we finally finished renovating our foyer/front hall closet (it only took six weeks!) and even painted the upstairs hallway. I took a queue from Dita Von Teese and went with a deep purple just like her personal library. My husband hates it but I don’t give a shit…

*bats eyelashes*

I don’t have a picture of the hallway, but I do have an “after” of our new “mudroom” closet. Keep in mind this used to be a plain, tri-fold closet with a metal bar and one shelf, with walls that were still covered with builder’s grade cream paint from 1984. (I never remember to take “before” photos.)



We also painted the walls a very light teal – it’s almost white unless you hold something white against it – and we did the black on the front door for some drama. There are black hooks, a new black light fixture and a mirror from Umber with a black frame, so it really all ties together.

At some point, we’ll be gutting the kitchen adjacent to this, and that will include putting down new flooring all throughout this main area. I hate that brown 80’s shit. And that wall with the shelf still needs something-something. I’m thinking framed family photos? I don’t know! There are so many things to ponder.

Anyway! I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am to finally have that whole mess cleaned up and part of my home back in functioning order. Honestly, it stresses me out so much living in disorganized chaos.

You’d think I’d want to take a rest – mentally, physically and financially, but nahhhh. Next, we tackle the front garden and sprucing up my front door situation with a new white storm-door and paint on the front door. Right now everything is a terrible brown that hasn’t been updated in 30 decades. I might go coral-ly-orange to really make a statement about how much I hate brown.

Gah, I just love decorating and pretty things! And that includes book nooks!

So let the envy commence!

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Until next time, Booknerds…

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