Booknook Sunday: 04.29.18

Holy shitballs, can you believe it’s almost May?! MAY!

Image result for it's gonna be may

It feels like just yesterday was January Eleventy. But, it’s true what they say, the older you get the faster the time goes. It’s fucking depressing. When you’re young, summer break from school feels like it lasts forever. Now I blink, and it’s over and back to snowing again.

Hold on. I’m going to have a cry for a second.

Okay, I’m back.

So I wasn’t a very good bookworm last week. There was just so much going on at home. Including my stupid, inpatient ass starting a second reno project (painting my upstairs hallway) before we’re even done constructing our front hall closet into a mudroom.

If you’re paying attention, then YES I’ve been working on that for a month. And NO we’re not done yet.

I’m starting to feel like things are piling up on me, including ARCs that I’m supposed to be reviewing.


Let’s look at some beautiful book nooks to destress, shall we?


There. I feel better. If not also slightly envious.


It’s Sunday, and that means I’m finishing up a couple books and looking forward to a new week of reading. In the queue is THE FIFTH TO DIE by J.D. Barker. A was lucky enough to grab an ARC of the sequel to last year’s THE FOURTH MONKEY – a serial killer horror/police procedural that I totally loved.

It was twisted and bloody and graphic and dark and fun. It was Se7en and Silence of the Lambs and some other things you’ve never ever thought of before, and I’m a total fangirl for this series.

Or at least I think I am. Fingers crossed the sequel isn’t a disappointment and I get to formally cement my fan status.

Until next time, Booknerds…

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