Booknerd Wednesday: WWW Edition

Hey guys, me again, your resident…I don’t know? Your resident book bitch? That’s probably the most accurate. I’m going to trademark it, but like, not professionally. I don’t care that much.

Long time no post and by that I mean, it’s been four days. But it’s March Break here and my stepkids are out of my house, so Husband and I have to take advantage of our conditional freedom.

I am a childless stepmother. I’m eight years younger than my husband. And I have to say, it really is a huge shock to the system to go from living alone to living with a man and his children, and to no longer be able to walk to the bathroom without pants on, or have sex as loud as you like, or take a shower with the door open (my cat particularly hates this one.) So, when the house is empty, we live it up. No pants, like, ever. I was in the kitchen without pants on last night. The kitchen! Do you know the last time I did that? It’s been literal centuries.

It’s the little pants-less things that can mean so much.

Taking advantage of this pants-free alone time means I’ve been neglecting my reading and blogging just a smidgen. But I promise it’s worth it. Maybe not to you, but to me. And that’s what really matters: Me.

But not blogging can’t last forever. Unless you are not a blogger, in which case it can last forever because it’s not something you do. Amazing.

This is “WWW Wednesday” – a post where I take a look at what I read last, what I’m reading next and what I just finished. Let’s check in!

🔪What I Read Last


I finished FINAL GIRLS and posted that review on Thursday.

It was a 5-star read for me. A mystery-thriller with the essence of a 90’s slasher flick? I looooooved it. So much *air guitar solo* for this one.

I think it’s the 90s baby in me – I have a nostalgic love for movies like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. I think most horror nerds in my age bracket feel the same.

So, the combination of those slasher classics mixed with the current genre I adore, it really hit all my spots and I was super bummed when it was over.

🔪What I’m Currently Reading


I’ve moved on to BLACK-EYED SUSANS by Julia Heaberlin. I very much like it so far, but I’m not loving it. Once I finish the last sentence and close the covers, I’ll explore my feelings a little bit more like the self-reflective reader that I am. Do I not love it because I’m still experiencing a Final Girls hangover? That could be! I want my opinions on a book to be based on the book’s own merits and not because I’m still not over my last booklationship… but I’m only human. My feelings are my feelings!

I also started HER LAST DAY by T.R. Ragan and WHEN THE SERPENT BITES by Nesly Clerge.

I’m not very far into these two because the library’s return policy is breathing down my neck.

🔪What I’ll Read Next


Oh. My. GAWD I can barely wait!! I just picked up INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE by Meg Gardiner last night. It’s sitting, all beautiful and ready to be devoured, on my nightstand right now. I almost feel bad that I left it home alone. I just want to carry it everywhere with me, keeping it safe and making sure it knows it’s loved. Maybe I’ll strap it into a Babybjorn.

This is book #2 in the UNSUB series.

The first book became an all-time favourite within the first couple of chapters…that usually happens to me when I read Meg Gardiner.

Okay, that’s my check in for the week!

Back to the no-pants party!

steve carell anchorman GIF

Stay safe. Be Kind. But, take no shit.

Happy Hump Day, booknerds! ✌️🔪

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