Book Nook Sunday: Feb. 18, 2018


I bought my first house two years ago this September. We’ve done a few big things to the house so far – paint and furnished the main living room, painted and decorated the bathroom, both of the kids got full bedroom makeovers, including new furniture. We repainted the kitchen, even sanded, cleaned and repainted the cupboards. That was a pain the ass. Do not recommend if you can help it.

All of that in one year! We worked hard, but there is still so much left to do. Sometimes I think I’ll never accomplish it all.

This year I have 3 things on my list:

  • Paint the front entrance hallway and convert the coat closet into a mudroom-like sitting area.
  • Install a fireplace in the basement.
  • Redecorate the rec room, including floor to ceiling bookshelves.

I am the kind of person, who, once I get an idea in my head, I need to do it immediately. But because of money and life, I have to control myself and do these things in an organized, timely way. It fucking sucks. I WANT THOSE BOOKSHELVES.

Here’s the saddest part of this story. Since I’ve moved to this new house, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of furniture we knew we were going to get rid of anyway, to lessen how much stuff we needed to lift and move (we did it ourselves.) This choice has left me with no place for me to store my books. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of books packed away in the corner of the laundry room. I have nightmares of water damage.

My plan is to have the rec room done by the end of the summer. So I’m going crazy pinning pictures of bookshelves for inspiration. For this Book Nook Sunday post, I thought I’d share some of my favourites!


We’re going for a cabin/rustic feel for the basement. But with a black and white palette, plaids and accents in dark purple. The rest of the house is so modern, I need one place to indulge my love of a rustic aesthetic with a modern twist.

What’s your favourite? Do you have bookshelf dreams?

Until next time, Booknerds…

2 thoughts on “Book Nook Sunday: Feb. 18, 2018

  1. Ooohhh I really like the first one because I myself like the sleek crisp lines of white and neutral colours but that also wars with my love of vintage and rustic 😂 I love the second one too!
    I dream of a day where I can have a whole room dedicated to books!
    Also I feel you in the getting an idea and wanting to make it happen immediately! That’s what has gotten me into many midnight room redecorations and buying a loft bed without taking into account that I have a fear of heights… had it for months and I never slept on it 😂
    Love Book Nook Sunday! 💖

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    1. I hear you on the room decorating. It’s also what got me a puppy. One day at work on my break, browsing online I found a puppy for sale from a breeder an hour away. He was sooooo cute. I texted my husband an hour later: “I think I just bought a dog. We need to pick him up on Saturday.” He was not impressed. But sometimes I just can’t control that impulse when I’m getting excited about something! I’m learning though, otherwise I’ll go broke af lol.


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